Jobs and career at DGE

DGE Eesti shares much of it’s team, knowledge and expertise with another DGE partner in Estonia – Hendrikson&Ko.

Most of our hiring is done either through Hendrikson, or with them.

Would you like to join the team?

A job at DGE

DGE values each and every employee that walks through our doors, or connects to us via Internet. We’re committed to offering both security and challenges, flexibility and stability, support, resposibilities, and freedom.

Does this sound like your kind of environmental concultancy? 

Internship at DGE

Another option to join the DGE-Hendrikson team is to do an internship with us. 

If this is something for you, let us know about you, what sort of internship and assignments you’d be interested in, and what previous experience you have. Oh, and also mention if you’d rather work from our Tartu or Tallinn office.


We are always supporting our employees in their road to improvement, both professionally and otherwise. Our people being their best versions ensures we all remain at the top of our game.

strength in people

Our main strength is our people. The experience, competence, cooperation skills and broad way of thinking of our team is what makes our company the valuable partner it is.

full battery

We offer flexibility in our work, and the environment you do it in. Productivity looks different for people, and we take that into account.

Open positions in DGE Eesti

No open positions currently.

See about Hendrikson&Ko.