Heikki Kalle

Heikki Kalle

MSc, Ecology

Heikki is a board member of LEC-DGE Finland, DGE Group, DGE Eesti and Hendrikson & Ko. His areas of expertise include spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, and strategic environmental sustainability. Heikki has experience managing a wide variety of projects including ports, highways, and railways. He has organized several international conferences on sustainability and environmental management.

Riin Riiberg

Riin Kaldma

MSc, Environmental Technology

Riin is an environmental expert. Her areas of expertise include environmental product declaration (EPD) and life cycle assessment (LCA); environmental impact assessments (EIA); strategic environmental assessment (SEA); best available technique (BAT); and environment, health, and safety (EHS), in addition to various sustainability and circular economy topics.

Heikki Kalle

Mart Dungay

BSc, Environmental Economics & Management

Mart is an environmental consultant specializing in environmental due diligence, EHS and corporate sustainability. He has carried out numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, EHS assessments and related audits in the US, Canada, Hungary, Finland, and the Baltics. His experience includes evaluating a broad range of operations including manufacturing, transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food production, and distribution.