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Hendrikson DGE is a trailblazer aiming to make the world a better place through new trends and practices

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Thinking greener feels good!

We use our extensive knowledge to create the best and most sustainable solutions for both the environment and our clients.

We have always stood at the front line for a greener world and we are delighted to see so many other enthusiasts join us.

We are qualified to carry out big and small projects for the private and public sector being the lead in the market nationally, regionally and globally.

DGE Group

Hendrikson DGE is a part of the DGE Group, which operates in the Nordic and Baltic regions, uniting small but capable environmental consulting firms. With our nearly 200 employees, we are dedicated to a mutual goal – helping people and the environment.

A proud associate of Inogen Alliance

DGE is a member of the Inogen Alliance – a global network of partners comprising over 5000 environmental consultants in 120 countries who think globally and act locally.


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