I have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography in the University of Tartu and a Master’s degree in Economic Geography and Regional Development in Bern’s University in Switzerland. Having lived in a country, where according to surveys, people are the most pleased with their living environment, it has been really interesting to pursue this environment in Estonia. Working in Hendrikson since 2019 has made me believe it is possible. My occupation is project manager-planner and socio-cultural impact assessor.

I am mainly in the lead of spatial planning projects and social-cultural impact assessments for development and various planning level documents. Off-hours I like to go rock-climbing and its’ promoting in Estonia. I also have green fingers – I like to do gardening in- and outdoors. Moreover, I like to go for walks and adventure with a kayak and if I don’t make it outside, which doesn’t happen very often, I make handicrafts or read books.