Noise is an important aspect in many developments and situations. Hendrikson & Ko provides a large variety of services related to acoustics and noise (modelling with special software, expert assessments, surveys etc.).

Services we offer for our clients:

  • Strategic noise maps and action plans to reduce noise – compiled for highways and bigger cities;
  • Noise surveys for large infrastructure objects (in SEA/EIA process) – highways, airports, wind farms, racing tracks, industrial objects;
  • Noise surveys and consultations for different development projects and spatial plans (inc noise surveys for detailed plans);
  • Noise level measuring
  • Vibration assessments

Environmental noise modelling, strategic and local noise map compiling:

Hendrikson & Ko compiles strategic/local noise maps using approved environmental noise modelling software. We are able to model various sources of noise using special software adjusted specially for that source:

  • Traffic, industrial, military and mining noise modelling with SoundPLAN (Braunstein+Berndt GmbH):
  • Air traffic modelling with Integrated Noise Model (USA Federal Aviation Administration);
  • For wind farm impact assessments and noise map compiling we use WindPRO (EMD International A/S Denmark). In addition, we compile wind farm related shading assessments with modelling and visualisations (photomontage) for planned wind farms.

In the process of compiling noise maps and expert assessments we follow these normative legal documents:

  • EU directive 2002/49/EC;
  • Degree nr. 42 by Minister of Social Affairs on March 4th, 2002 – “Noise Standards for Residential and Leisure Areas, Residential and Communal Buildings and Methods for Noise Measurements”;
  • Degree nr. 87 by Minister of Social Affairs on June 29th, 2005 – “Minimum Standards for Strategic Ambient Air Noise Maps and Noise Reduction Action Plans “;
    • Ambient Air Protection Act;
  • Other legal documents.

Results from modelling are presented according to the specific need:

  • Calculated noise levels in noise sensitive areas:
    – equivalent noise level LpAeq (dB). day time (07.00-23.00) and night time (23.00-07.00);
    – maximum noise level LpAmax (dB).
  • Graphical noise maps (noise contours);
  • Difference maps for noise levels:
    – current state/future prediction;
    – current state/change after noise barrier construction.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) noise maps in suitable forms:
    – 3D noise maps on basic maps;
    – 3D noise maps on ortophotos.