Hendrikson & Ko offers, in collaboration with many experts and organizations, a large variety of services in the field of water management. These include compiling water management procedure plans and permits for special use of water, surveys, expert assessments, etc. During the development process of more detailed and technical solutions, we have had collaboration with many well-known engineering bureaus, both domestic and international.  Water management can be divided into two bigger groups: bodies of water and aquatic ecosystems as a natural treasure and water as a resource.

Consultations concerning aquatic ecosystems:

  • Compilation of  water management procedure plans  and necessary inventories and assessments for them;
  • Surveys and assessments to determine status of  water  bodies(water quality for rivers and lakes and state of aquatic life);
  • Surveys and assessments for expanding water bodies (e.g. assessing the state of dams and reservoirs, preparing and assessing environmental impacts of fish stairs, compiling permits for special use of water);
  • Consultations about maintenance of water bodies (renovating water bodies, restoring natural water conditions, impact assessments);
  • Consultations about protection procedure plan for water bodies.

In addition:

  • Spatial planning of marine areas;
  • Spatial planning/technical designing  and SEA/EIA for installations alongside the sea.

Consultations concerning water resource:

Residential sector

  • Assessments about usable water resources on domestic, settlement or local authority level (e.g. consultations about the questions of where to get water, what is the quality of the water, how big are the water resources, are the resources enough for the planned development);
  • Consultations about effluent management (e.g. formation and treatment of the effluent, inc. unique technical solutions and technical designs in collaboration with engineers.

Industrial sector

  • Availability of the water resource – groundwater resource, surface water usage;
  • Water management in production processes, PVT water usage;
  • Management of hazardous substances and residues;
  • Management of industrial waste water and rainwater;
  • Water management and protection parts in SEA/EIAs of industrial installations;
  • Unique technical solutions (in technical design level) in collaboration with engineers;

Agricultural sector – consultations about water management and resources, waste water, management, manure management, fertilization etc;

  • Fishery as a part of agricultural sector – EIAs, water resource and quality assessments, pollution load assessments, compiling permits for special use of water;

Water body as recipient for waste water – assessments about the impacts of pollution on the state of water bodies or ground water, pollution source identification in the catchment area and analyses for determining pollution loads in catchment areas;

  • Rainwater formation, management and usage possibilities.

Using water resources in energy production (hydro energy, ground energy) – resource determination analyses, usage limitations due to natural conservation.