I’ve been in the field of planning since 2000, where life took me to an internship to Saaremaa, where my main tasks included gathering primary data and mapping for the spatial plan. With this, my life had made a decision and spatial environmental planning stayed as a big part of my life.

After university, I got a really good experience working in Tartu city government as a detail planning organizer (2002-2007). I’ve been in Hendrikson with some short or long pauses since 2007. Throughout the years I have constructed over a hundred detail plans, given expert evaluations, conducted planning competitions and have been able to contribute to my fields’ instructional materials and trends. Since 2023 I have been a guest lecturer in the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

I like, what I do, but I take a rest from work walking in the woods with my dog or making handicrafts. And if I need to think about the deeper meaning of life, I sit alongside with my chickens as they scrabble around and everything suddenly makes sense again.