Hendrikson DGE was founded in 1997 as a planning and environmental management consultation company. We operate at various organizational levels, ranging from spatial planning to projections and supervision. Our clients primarily include businesses, local governments and state institutions.

As a proud member of the international DGE Group we contribute to a broader global network. We are also actively included in the work of professional organizations. As an associate of Inogen Alliance, the global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting companies, we are provided with opportunities to undertake projects for larger corporations.


We are committed to achieving the market leader position to set an example for responsible entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. Having an international reach gives us the confidence to take on complex challenges and be a trendsetter for the future.


Our mission is to create new practices and trends being in the forefront of our field. We aim to contribute to making the world a better place by solving the challenges facing society and the environment.


  • Enriching diversity: we are proud of our diversity, where every individual is valuable regardless of their background.
  • Courage: we are not afraid to stand for the truth, addressing difficult topics, if necessary.
  • Care: we approach people and the environment with care, recognizing the long-term impact of our actions.
  • Efficiency: we are efficient and responsible with time usage, not wasting our own and others’ resources.
  • Curiosity and adaptability: we are open to new ideas and willing to constantly evolve and learn.
  • Passion: we are passionate about our work, being true enthusiasts in our field.
  • Reliability: our most important asset is the trust we build with everybody along the journey and keeping our word.

We are guided by these principles throughout our journey, where every day is a chance to make the world a better place.

Our history