Profession: Leader of sustainability and energy team

Phone: +372 524 2263


Human activity affects our surroundings both globally and locally. Because of that our decisions need to be very well thought out – we need to take into account every possible outcome to ensure that both us and the next generations could have a safe and pleasant living environment. For that already today we need to think about sustainable solutions. Because of that most of my work in Hendrikson & Ko is related to long-term climate- and energy plans that help local governments make considered decisions and plans. In addition to strategy documents, I am also involved in different research and planning projects concerning onshore and offshore wind farms in Estonia.

I have a degree in geoecology (BSc) from Tallinn University and environmental technology (MSc) from University of Tartu. Before coming to Hendrikson & Ko I used to work in radiation monitoring field in public sector and that gave me a great overview of different regulations concerning radiation and its impact on humans and environment.

When I am not working you can find me form a volleyball court or from some hiking trail.