Hendrikson & Ko conducts various mobility studies with a focus on contributing to a more sustainable and less car-dependent society. Through encouraging sustainable mobility, we help you to strive towards a more attractive living environment and to achieve the climate goals.

Our mobility consultants can assist you with the following:

  • Conducting mobility studies for public and private sector on different scales
  • Creating Sustainable Mobility Plans
  • Advice on development of mobility hubs
  • Advice on public transport development
  • Advice on developing sustainable (city) logistics
  • Impact analysis of various sustainable mobility measures

Problems such as emissions, noise, traffic accidents, depletion of natural resources and lack of access to services are directly related to the current transport system.  Through planning for more purposeful and sustainable movement of people and goods, we can create a fair transport system where everyone, regardless of financial and physical possibilities, can move the way they like.

With international climate goals in mind, we cannot look past the fact that transport is one of the largest pollutants of CO2. Various climate and transport development plans worldwide have set ambitious goals for reducing the emissions created in the transport sector. Sustainable mobility interventions will not only contribute to climate goals, but will also help to improve people’s health and their access to affordable and accessible mobility system.

In recent year, Hendrikson & Ko has conducted mobility studies and created mobility plans for various organisations and local governments in Estonia. Our team has a sustainable mobility specialist with experience from the Netherlands and elsewhere, who is ready to assist you in complex mobility questions anywhere in the world.

The three principles of our sustainable mobility studies

At Hendrikson & Ko, we base our mobility studies on three key principles: enabling less overall movement, enabling more sustainable mobility modes, and enabling cleaner mobility. By using the three principles of sustainable mobility, we create a holistic approach for developing sustainable mobility and reducing the environmental impact of mobility.

  • Enabling less overall movement – How can we reduce the overall need for mobility? Here we consider the accessibility of various services and employers close to home (15-minute city), which helps to reduce the distance between everyday destinations.
  • Enabling more sustainable mobility – How could we influence mobility behaviour? Here we consider stimulating the switch from private cars to other transport modes, combining different transport modes (through mobility hubs) and creating safer and more comfortable conditions for walking, cycling and taking public transport.
  • Enabling cleaner mobility – How can car use be more sustainable? What are possibilities for more sustainable logistics? Here we consider possibilities for using electric cars and car sharing, and alternative solutions for the transport of goods.