Environmental Liability and Remediation

We must take maximum efforts to restore and maintain the quality of our environment, any liability must be identified, assessed, and remediated.

The technical, social, and regulatory complexities must be understood and evaluated to fully complete an appropriate remediation in a safe working environment.

At DGE Group, we actively engage with our clients to assess and respond to the specific and changing needs with controlled costs for complete integration of site investigations, screenings, and surveys for remediation to assume environmental responsibility in a cost-efficient manner.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

With capabilities across Scandivania and the Baltics, DGE Group offers due diligence services for strategic investment, divestment, and acquisition. Our team is adept at working with highly regulated industries and team can help you understand the environmental, regulatory and financial risks associated with your specific transaction and asset type.

Whether you are looking to confirm the environmental impact and safety of a chemical plant prior to acquisition or evaluate the impact of regulatory changes to your real estate portfolio, we can help identify opportunities to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

In addition to environmental risk, we understand that Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) is an ever more important to factor to consider when it comes to managing company valuation and reputation. We can help assess the ESG credentials of a potential acquisition or demonstrate yours prior to divestiture. By evaluating supply chains, governance structures and compliance protocols, we can help limit exposure by aligning enterprises with long-term sustainability and circular economy strategies.

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Operational Performance & Liability Management

At DGE Group, we recognize that integrating environmental concerns as well as occupational health and safety expertise into your company’s operation, strategy and culture is necessary for improved job satisfaction for your employees, resulting in higher work quality and increased productivity.

Wholesome organizations manage risks and liabilities in an appropriate manner in relation to employees, environmental footprint, location, operations, value chain, and products.

At DGE Group, our consulting approach is always tailor-made. Sometimes the solution is predominantly in improving organizational performance, sometimes the right solution is in superb design, sometimes it involves good communication with authorities and the community. What you cannot measure, you cannot certainly improve.

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Product Stewardship

The environmental and social values related to a company’s products have shifted from simple compliance checks to sophisticated life cycle considerations.

Understanding where and how products are sourced, developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed of along the entire lifecycle of the product is critical to assessing the total environmental and social impacts.

At each level of analysis, our team can help your enterprise decrease negative impacts on society and the environment, mitigate regulatory and financial risk, and increase competitiveness by identifying opportunities for cost-saving measures and evaluating market trends.

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Strategy and Policy

To promote sustainable growth, you need a comprehensive plan, we assist by converting your ideas to reality by utilizing fewer natural resources and strengthening social capital. We provide policy development and planning services for governments, municipalities as well as various business sectors.

At DGE Group, our policy development know-how ranges from sustainable land utilization, to energy to mobility, all minimizing the environmental footprint of an organization. What is best for the ecosystem and society is also best way forward for your organization.

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Sustainability and Climate

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, responses to epidemics, overconsumption of natural resources and increasing contamination of our water, soils and air are among the greatest risks to us all. Businesses need to grow in a sustainable manner, and we at DGE Group can provide innovative solutions to make it happen while increasing competitiveness.

DGE Group envisions the sustainable business model as a set of new opportunities and risk mitigation, based on circular economy and climate neutrality principles. This means that we decrease our impact on society, but also streamline our whole supply chain by identifying innovations that result in cost savings and capital efficiency.

We help businesses achieve these goals by focusing on sustainable strategies, sustainable products, sustainable services, and sustainability reporting. At each level of analysis, our team can help your enterprise decrease negative impacts on society and the environment, mitigate regulatory and financial risk, and drive innovation.

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